In today‘s world, which faces ever-increasing environmental challenges and climate change, it is essential to pay attention to the environmental education, education of our students and to build responsibility for the environment in them. The 4 ELEMENTS project was born out of an internal necessity to respond to the current situation and approaches environmental topics through the four elements of the nature – eater, air, earth and fire. The project includes 3 outputs – theatrical production, environmental educational enviro application and Teachers‘ Guide.
I am fire. The heat in your body and in your heart. The hot lava hidden inside Mother Earth. I am the moving force of life. I am the energy which gives you life. I have existed since the beginning of life, I am the life-giving Sun. I am hidden inside lightning and I can appear when you don’t expect it. People try to tame me and you say I am a good servant but a bad master. But I do not live to serve. You use me to drive, to move, to make food, to cook, to bake. You change me into electricity which is an everyday part of almost all your activities. You act impulsively without thinking about the balance, which when broken, means I will rule the world with my burning power. If you play with fire, you’re going to get burnt one day. If I didn’t exist – the Earth would cool down and turn into a ball of ice. I am the warming heat which brings to life and give life. I melt the snow and wake up the seeds to make them grow. I wake up the sap in the trees and make buds appear on branches. I invite the bees to a sunny, flowery dance to put the fruit on your table. I create and give the impulse for rebirth, for the circle of life. Listen to me calling you… I howl and I shout with a mighty fire and I destroy everything forever in my flames and change it to ash, I boom in the eruption of a volcano and I race like hot lava, I thunder in a terrible storm… I am calling you for your life… because I will survive. I don’t need people to live. People need me…
divadelne centrum
Projekt 4 Živly vznikol v rámci podpory Erasmus Plus. Vznik aplikácie umožnili a realizovalo Divadelné centrum.
Vizuál & grafika aplikácie/webu by Elizabeth Bugyiová, Dominik Prokop. Web by Filip Holčík.