In today‘s world, which faces ever-increasing environmental challenges and climate change, it is essential to pay attention to the environmental education, education of our students and to build responsibility for the environment in them. The 4 ELEMENTS project was born out of an internal necessity to respond to the current situation and approaches environmental topics through the four elements of the nature – eater, air, earth and fire. The project includes 3 outputs – theatrical production, environmental educational enviro application and Teachers‘ Guide.
I’m water. I’m alive and I remember everything. I’m a spring and the drop which rolls down your cheek when you cry. I shoot out of the ground as a mighty geyser; I hide in the depths of the earth. I am also the small, fragile star which lands on your hand only to turn into an almost invisible, tiny drop… I am the basis of all life on Earth. I’m soft, quiet, easy to shape and changeable. I don’t have a shape or colour of my own, but I can take on all shapes and colours. I am the delicate mist, I am the rain, the storm and snow, I am an iceberg and an icicle on the roof, I am a puddle, a marsh, a fishpond, a river, the sea and the ocean… I, water, make up 70% of your body. I am inside you, and yet you continue to damage me with chemicals; you drink me, and yet you destroy me and dishonour me with heavy metals and radioactive waste. You are filled with me, and yet you underestimate my existence and my importance in your life. It is not only what you drink that depends on me, but also what you eat. I have been living here in the never-ending circle of life since the beginning of time, a much longer time than your own life. I don’t need your life, but you need me to be here. And you need me to be clean and pure. I can also be hard, strong and destructive. I can hit a strong blow with the huge power of a waterfall, with waves and with an avalanche. And because of all this, listen to me calling you…I am bubbling in a seashell, crying out in wild water, thundering in the clouds, calling you for your life… because I will survive. I don’t need people to live. People need me…
divadelne centrum
Projekt 4 Živly vznikol v rámci podpory Erasmus Plus. Vznik aplikácie umožnili a realizovalo Divadelné centrum.
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