In today‘s world, which faces ever-increasing environmental challenges and climate change, it is essential to pay attention to the environmental education, education of our students and to build responsibility for the environment in them. The 4 ELEMENTS project was born out of an internal necessity to respond to the current situation and approaches environmental topics through the four elements of the nature – eater, air, earth and fire. The project includes 3 outputs – theatrical production, environmental educational enviro application and Teachers‘ Guide.
I am the earth. The earth you walk on. Nature and everything around you. Some people call me Mother Earth. For others, they don’t notice me, even when they walk on me every day and everything they have comes from me. All life comes from me. My trees, my flowers, my soil, my rocks, my treasures, precious stones and metals come from deep down inside me. My waters, springs, rivers, seas, oceans…My black blood deep down in my body. I give life to all creatures, I give you the food that you eat, the clothes that you wear, the bed on which you sleep, the house in which you live, the jewellery which you like to show off. I give, I give, I give and I continue giving… And what about you? You take, you take and take and take… You destroy and you stamp on me, you take everything and you never have enough, you collect things you don’t need and you are not interested in what happens to them afterwards. You steal and make me into a slave, you dry me out with poison… you produce poisoned food, you put my animals in cages for your own profit even though in the end you are poisoning yourself. I am beautiful, strong and I have a huge power to rebuild myself. A person’s life is too short for me and so I am asking you to be in harmony with my natural laws, humble and grateful for what you are given. If not, I will shake you from me easily, just as you shake off an ant which has bitten you. And because of all this, listen to me calling you. I am bubbling in the forests, crying out in caves, thundering in a group of wild animals, calling you for your life… because I will survive. I don’t need people to live. People need me…
divadelne centrum
Projekt 4 Živly vznikol v rámci podpory Erasmus Plus. Vznik aplikácie umožnili a realizovalo Divadelné centrum.
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